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UPDATE: Flag donated to vandalized war memorial

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Senator Charles Grassley has donated a flag to a war memorial in Jones County that was vandalized earlier this week.

The Jones County Sheriff's Office is trying figure out who cut cables from the flag poles on the front and side of the Jones County Courthouse taking eight flags including an American flag, only leaving a jagged piece of the American flag behind.

"Very disrespectful and we are really disappointed and angry that somebody would do that," said Jones County auditor Janine Sulzner.

Sulzner, is the one who noticed the damage, early Tuesday morning

"Discovered that the flags were all missing," said Sulzner. "I could see that someone had cut all the cables that held the flags on the pole."

She says the vandals somehow knocked over one of the flag poles leaving only two flags behind, some time between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The VFW, the American Legion, and the AmeriVets  veteran groups worked to install the war memorial back in 2001.

Sulzner says she's glad they didn't tamper with the granite memorial listing all the service men and women in Jones County, who died while serving.

"It's just very disrespectful that people would do that to the flags. All of our veterans have served in the military to protect freedom for us and to do that is just very disrespectful," said Sulzner.

The flags from the side of the courthouse have already been replaced, but the ones in front will be in the coming days.

The estimated damage is about $800.

Senator Chuck Grassley is donating an American flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol to replace the stolen flag.

“It's sad to see a desecration of the American flag, especially when the flag was flown to honor the veterans who have served our country. But the freedom and sacrifice the flag represents can't be diminished through an act of vandalism. The values the flag represents are timeless and enduring. The physical object itself can be replaced,” Grassley said in a written statement.

The Jones County Sheriff's Office is investigating. If you know anyone involved in vandalizing memorial, you're asked to call Jones County Sheriff's (319) 462-4371.

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