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Candidates battle voter fatigue in final run-up

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With less than 24 hours left until Election Day, it's the final push, with candidates and their supporters out knocking on doors and trying to make that last little bit of difference.

"If someone is sitting at home and they see the candidate out on Election Day, is that what they needed to get out and vote?" KWWL Political Analyst Chris Larimer said. "Unlikely, but everyone does it."

Many politicos have good reason to be nervous. In so many races, polls show it's basically a tie. A recent Quinnipiac poll shows Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley holding 47 percent of the vote for Iowa's open U.S. Senate seat.

In Iowa's 1st Congressional District, Pat Murphy and Rod Blum are also close.

"It'll really just come down to turnout," Larimer said.

It's all about who can get more people off the couch, and out the polls. Still, there, Larimer sees a hurdle.

"Oh I'm sick of the ads," said Gene Frost of Raymond.

"So tired of them," agreed Sue Even of Jesup.

Both were at Don Bosco's football game against Turkey Valley Monday night. And high school fans love a little competition, but these knock-down, drag-out campaigns have a lot of voters fried, and not very happy with either major party.

"I'd like to see the Democrats and the Republicans both get along, and let it go from there," said Frost.

"Can we just get them off the TV and radio?" Even said. "One says this, one says that, do they actually do anything? My opinion? No."

But that's the challenge, for parties to overcome the burnout and negativity, because the big races in Iowa could come down to just a few thousand votes.

"Your vote counts," Larimer said. "But if you look at the vote totals, a single vote doesn't sway the election. In Iowa tomorrow, turnouts are going to make a big difference."

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