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Someone You Should Know: Judy and Dave Bucknell

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Judy and Dave Bucknell have been the caretakers of Nashua Fairgrounds for more than 15 years. They are both retired, but still work about three days a week at a day job, yet they still manage to average 30 hours a week to the maintenance of the grounds. 

 Dave says, "People tell ya out on the streets, "boy the fairgrounds look nice" and that really makes you feel good...most of it's her."

Judy says, "I like to visit with the that's what keeps me coming back."

Between the two of them, they take care of the entire 21 acre field. All the cleaning, mowing, and clean-up  is divided between the two of them.

Dave  says, "It's more her baby. She does most of the mowing. I do the stuff she doesn't want to do but it works out good because she does some stuff that I don't want to do."

The grounds has a popular half-mile figure 8 track, a campsite, and a shaded garage to store quite a few campers. They have dedicated their lives to the grounds by working hard labor all year long, but their work pays off. 
Dave says, "Is this going to work out.. you know..are people gonna come? Are they going to enjoy it and like it? And then the fair starts and the grounds fills up and.... yup we did our job." 

..And that's why the Bucknell's are Someone You Should Know.

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