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Evansdale child recovering from facial burns

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A local child now has rashes and burn marks on her face after using a Halloween tattoo kit.

Her mom bought the decals at Walmart.

A family member's photo shows Emilia Youngton crying in pain after removing temporary tattoos she wore to school.

"That's when she was screaming, it was burning her face," Emilia's mother, Cassidy Youngton says.

Emilia's face was covered in bubbling blisters, and the skin around her eyes was raw.

When she checked the product's packaging, she noticed it said the product may contain lead.

Youngton bought the tattoos at the Walmart in Waterloo.  

She says she got her money back, and spoke to a manager.

"They said they were going to look into it, and figure out why they were selling a lead base product," says Youngton..

She says she is now going to get a lead test done for her daughter.

And despite the burns, that won't thwart Emilia's final Halloween celebration.

She says she's going to be a dark bride.

A manager at the Waterloo Walmart says after they spoke with Youngton they didn't see any more decals on the shelves.

However when we spoke with Walmart's corporate center they said they have not recalled the product.

So a warning to parents, the product may still be on the shelves.

And as for Emilia, the doctor prescribed a steroid antibiotic cream, and she's doing much better now.

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