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Student has allergic reaction after school staff gives peanut butter sandwich

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A second grader at Hoover Elementary School in Iowa City was given a peanut butter sandwich by school staff, even though he has a peanut allergy.

Chauncey Parker had a pretty severe reaction last week, after mistakenly given a peanut butter sandwich.

"Like there was something clogging [my throat] and my lips were really itchy," said Chauncey

Iowa City School District leaders say they prepare more than 8,000 meals for students daily, however, they admit this situation was a simple mistake.

"In the production that day, they used peanut butter for the sandwiches instead which it was not intentional, but an unfortunate oversight that was made in our production kitchen," said Chace Ramey, Iowa City School District's  chief community affairs officer.

However, the Parkers say that mistake could have been detrimental to their child's life.

"All it would take is one error like this and it could be detrimental," said Chauncey's dad, Lee Parker. "Then when you find out that he didn't get taken right away from anywhere between 20-30 minutes to the nurses office and was actually out on the play ground. Who knows what could've happened at that point."

Chauncey says he let a custodian know in the lunchroom that his throat was clogged and lips itching, however he was still sent to recess, instead of the nurse's office.

"We didn't know he had to go to recess after he complained about it," said Arlida Parker, Chauncey's mom.

After a 20-30 minute recess Chauncey let his teacher know of the knot in his throat and that's when she sent him to the nurses office.

"When there's acknowledgement that they're having direct symptoms, they shouldn't be just left unattended," said Parker.

There are a number of students in the Iowa City Community School District that have allergies.

Ramey says it's a  nut-sensitive district and they try to provide alternatives.

He says food service employees typically use a peanut butter-type spread made from sunflower, but somehow it was mixed up during the preparation process at City High.

"This was kind of a near miss kind of thing, No reason for this to happen again," said Lee Parker.

The Parkers say they weren't even aware that their son ate peanut butter until several hours after.

They are still trying to figure out how it happened since Chauncey sits at a peanut butter-free table during lunchtime.

The district's director of food services is working with kitchen mangers and reviewing all protocols so something like this won't happen again.

The Parkers say Chauncey's reaction could have been worse, but they're glad he was able to return to school the next day.

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