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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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Hi I'M RICK COLEMAN, Here with UNI head football coach Mark Farley--tough loss last weekend to South Dakota State now moving on to face Western Illinois--first talking about the defeat--all of these defeats have been painful because they've been close.

MARK FARLEY : They've been close because they've been a turnover or a penalty or something we caused --- is what is ultimately costing us the win.

Rick Coleman: In that SDSU game I thought UNI had all of the momentum leading 14-7 at halftime--but like you said a couple of mistakes here or there.

Mark Farley: I thought the interception for a touchdown gave them the momentum--we fought back and got an intercept for a touchdown late in the game that got us back in position but you still have to make those plays throughout the game..

Rick Coleman-- Moving forward on both sides of the football what do you have to correct those issues on both sides of the football..

Mark Farley: Right now the key for us is to finish-- I think we're doing well--we've got to come out a little faster but we have to finish..we've always been in position in the fourth quarter in every one of these games--but we have to finish with the same intensity we started these games. .

Rick Coleman : Sense of urgency for UNI moving forward Now UNI moves on to face a Western Illinois team that doesn't have the best record --but is a very good team and has proven that against the top two teams in the conference.

Mark Farley : It's an excellent football team they've played Northwestern, Wisconsin, North Dakota State and Illinois State and so those four teams are all great football teams and they played them to the last play of the game..

Rick Coleman: Their quarterback is an All-Newcomer of year last year-- Trent Norvelle--and the speedy little back JC Baker has been very productive and then their wide receiver Lance Lenoir has also been very good...

Mark Farley Offensively they've done a great job--their defense has been a bit hidden but the defense has played well enough to keep them in games--but their offense has been very productive and the quarterback is key.

Rick Coleman: A few weeks ago they led North Dakota State 10-3 in the 4th quarter and then last week they led Illinois State 27-6 last week --another fine team..

Mark Farley : They may be one of the better teams in the league but they don't have the record--seeing they led the number one team and the number eight team in the country--both undefeated --except they haven't gotten the win similar to us.

Rick Coleman--What's the key to victory this week-- I know it's all about UNI?

Mark Farley It's us--we have to make sure we get more production from our offense and more discipline from our defense and we have to get a score from special teams..

Rick Coleman : You know talking to players this week they feel that sense of urgency ---a lot of them are seniors--your top players David Johnson and Jake Farley they want to get it done.

Mark Farley: Those guys live and die with the University of Northern They grew up they know this place they are invested in this place they feel the sense of urgency they want to win not just for themselves but for the University so I can understand where they are coming from."

Rick Coleman ; Alright UNI versus WesternIllinoiss on Saturday at 1O'clockk.. Good Luck Coach

Mark Farley : Thank You

Rick Coleman Thank You

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