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National media spotlighting Iowa U.S. Senate race

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Iowa's hot race for U.S. Senate has seen its share of attention and that includes the national media.

It is focusing some of its sights on the race between Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst.

Moderator of NBC's "Meet the Press" Chuck Todd is on a three-state swing for his "Meet the Voters" bus tour in battleground states in this mid-term election.

That includes Iowa - where the race between Braley and Ernst is too close to call.

It's the kind of bus you see for presidential candidates.

But this is for Chuck Todd - moderator of "Meet the Press."

He and his crew wheeled into Waterloo Thursday night.

It's part of a "Meet the Voters" tour.

So far, he's heard a lot from voters.

"They were both bringing up the same thing. What's wrong with these guys? They're tired of the ads, tired of the money, why can't they just sit down and get something done and get along," said Todd.

Todd sat down for a taping of Sunday's Steele Report.

Here's his analysis of Iowa's Senate race.

"You can win the campaign and lose the election. Joni Ernst may have won the campaign but she could lose the election because the Democratic party machine started 10 years ago but turned into a Ferrari by the Obama team in 2008 may be enough to overcome it," said Todd.

Todd and his team will head to Wisconsin to report on the race there Friday before heading back to D.C. to tape Meet the Press. Then they'll go back on the road to more battleground states next week. This time in the South.

"I think the rhetoric's a little harsher in the South. That's what I've noticed. You think it's negative here? Go to Arkansas or go to Kentucky or North Carolina. It's been even worse if that's possible," said Todd.

Now, Todd's back on the bus - hoping to cut through the noise and meet the voters.

Todd says one similar issue he's seen in this mid-term election all over the country?

That some of the campaigns are cynical and uninspiring.

He says voters are less enthusiastic about voting in this election cycle than they have the last three or four election cycles.

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