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Undecided voters say they don't utilize attack ads

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KWWL's political analyst says a lot of voters believe politicians are out of touch with ordinary people.

Chris Larimer says although attack ads may scare voters, they really don't do anything else.

"We know the voters tend to ignore things they don't agree with. So if they see a negative ad about their candidate, they're going to ignore it.

KWWL spoke with undecided voters. They say the ads are pretty annoying.

"I think it kind of pushes people away," says Corey Donald.

"There's a lot of negativity spewed out between candidates, and that doesn't really make me want to vote either way," says Jesse Alexander.

So if attack ads aren't working, how do undecided voters make their decision so close to election time?

One voter says he looks for his own answers, he believes researching a candidate is key for anyone to find the truth -- not political ads.

Another says he researches the candidate too. Being a union member, he takes into account how the local union rates a candidate.

Another voter says the answer is simple -- he says it's easier to make a decision if he doesn't feel like he's being lied to.

"Why waste the money sending out negative ads? Just tell the truth and get it over with."

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