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Offenders Escape Work Release in West Union

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Two men are still on the run after three criminals escaped an area work release facility. 

23 -year old Tyler Roe has been apprehended in Howard county. Authorities say he left the facility in West Union Friday with these two sex offenders, 21-year-old Shaun McBride, and 21-year-old Taylor Oaks, who are still on the loose.

McBride and Oaks had GPS tracking devices on, but cut them off with scissors.

The bracelets were found about a block away from the facility. Residential manager, Mark Smith says the devices work well, but the bands are made from only plastic.  He says bracelets have been tampered with, but never really cut off.

"No they can cut it off with scissors and as soon as they're cut we're notified immediately and as soon as we're notify police. My staff notified myself and we found where they, where they cut the bracelets off and we just weren't able to find them at that time," said Smith.

Smith says having three people leave all at once has never really happened before. He says usually three or four people walk away all year.

He says it's important to remember the residential facility is important to the area. Otherwise those people may not get the help they need.

 "We try to reintegrate them into society with a job, with some money, paying bills, being back with their families, you know verses just being released from the jail or penitentiary with nothing," said Smith.

While the group left Friday night, authorities didn't notify the public until Monday. West Union Police Chief Brent Parker told me there was some mis-communication.

They thought the department of corrections was going to put out a release, but they did not.

He says it's an unfortunate situation, but they are working through those communication problems.


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