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Someone You Should Know: Lefty S

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Music brought Darwin Schrage and his wife, Barb together.

Darwin said, "I and another fellow put on a show called the midwestern jamboree to raise money for polio research. So we had to find entertainers and  we heard about Barb and her sister who had been performing in the area and met her there. After about four or five shows, that's how we started dating."

The couple continued to make music together for more than 50 years, until three years ago, when Barb died of ovarian cancer.

He said, "It gets really difficult to talk about...anyway....what else would you like to talk about?" 

Lefty as he's called, has been using music to honor his wife and help other women. For the past three years, he has held a benefit in Barb's name.

He said, "I dearly love Barb and I miss her a whole lot and I just decided about three days ago that you know what, music is my mistress."

Lefty will be putting on a concert at the Electric Park Ballroom next weekend, but his benefit for Barb is going to be November 2nd in West Union, to help raise money for ovarian cancer research.

And that's why Darwin Lefty Schrage is someone you should know.

He said, "There's eight bands that come in. It takes a whole team of people to put this together and I tell them all..someday we will find a cure and when we do, all of you can take some credit for saving the lives of thousands of women, you know and that's what we need to do."

The music that once served as the backdrop of their lives, is now used to keep her memory th
at's a real love song.

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