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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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Here with head coach Mark Farley of the UNI Panthers. The Panthers are coming off a very good win at South Dakota now getting ready for a home game against South Dakota State--First of all last week a total team effort Offense, Defense and Special teams..

Mark Farley: It was we made improvements--our offense we played a two quarterbacks--I thought our special teams were the difference in the game and our defense played well..

Rick Coleman: The defense did play well I looked at the offensive numbers and it was pretty even between you and South Dakota but the defense had seven sacks and two interceptions--big plays...

Mark Farley: It was big plays it was the interception at the end of the half that put us ahead a blocked field goal kept us two scores ahead.. so the punt returns and sacks like you said it did swing some momentum in our direction.

Rick Coleman: Special teams you put a great emphasis on that and I believe its 3 or 4 times this year a Northern Iowa player has earned an MVFC special teams player of the week --Chad Owens returning punts was also good.

Mark Farley: Chad did an awesome job if I had to name a player of the game it would be him returning kickoffs and punts really put us into good field position for offense..

Rick Coleman: South Dakota State coming to the dome this one of the favorites early in the year to win the  MVFC
along with you and North Dakota --they have a balanced attack led by runningback Zach Zenner who is a beast.

Mark Farley: Zach Zenner has been around for three years--he's their David Johnson --he averages 150 yards rushing a game-- He's played Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri this year and he has a 100 against each of them..very fast, very talented.

Rick Coleman: Sophomore quarterback Zach Lujic has been playing well too..

Mark Farley: They lost their other quarterback Sumner to a broken foot earlier in the season now this is a junior college quarterback really starting to catch his rhythm right now and they get better each week.

Rick Coleman: Now coming back to the dome you don't want to rely on it but you can because the dome crowds have been tremendous this year--what are the keys to victory?

Mark Farley: We've got to keep producing on offense we need to improve I think there are more yards to be had --we need to score in the redzone-- third down on defense we need to do a better gave up a touchdown on the first series the last couple of games--we need to get the ball back as many times as we can-- And special teams--has to produce something --we have to win the special teams battle every game and put us in field position to help us win.

Rick Coleman: You do like the way your team is playing right now going into this game..

I like the improvement we have made week to week--particular from last week to the week prior to that.. If we can continue to grow this time of year--we are where we need to be but its a week to week thing--and we will see where we are on Saturday--but that's the plan is to get better.

Rick Coleman: Remember 4 O'clock at the UNI-Dome UNI vs South Dakota State should be a good one.. Good Luck Coach

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