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Political ad spending yielding large numbers

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 You're no stranger to them: political ads.

With only two weeks until the midterm elections, ad spending is on the rise. Some say there may even be more new ads coming out soon.

Across the state, this year's political ad spending is comparable to the 2012 presidential election, and analysts say the reason is the fight for control.

It's no secret; the U.S. senate race is a heated one.

"Nationally, this has become a key race for control in the U.S. senate. So you're seeing spending not only from the campaigns but also from outside groups because they recognize that the senate race in Iowa may actually determine control of the United States senate," says  KWWL's political analyst Chris Larimer.

Now that race is creating a domino effect.

Politico.com reports the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is buying six hundred thousand dollars worth of TV airtime in Eastern Iowa for house hopeful Pat Murphy.

According to Politico, the DCCC fears Braley's struggling senate bid is hurting Murphy's chances in his own race.

Now as the midterm election draws closer, the numbers are becoming clear.

KWWL's general sales manager John Huff says he can't believe the volume of ads stations are receiving.

"The political market this year is nearly 80 percent more than what we were forecasting going into the year."

Those numbers are making national ranks.

"KWWL's actually is in the top 12 stations in the country through September with the amount of political ads that we've aired."

And although the election is only a few weeks away, Larimer says he wouldn't be surprised to see more new ads.

"I think we are going to see more money spent. If you are one of those few undecided voters left, those ads may make a difference."

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