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Cedar Rapids building construction causes headaches, street changes

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CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - We've all had to put up with some construction headaches. Usually it's roadwork delaying our commute but some eastern Iowans are dealing with a different type of construction.

CRST's new headquarters is currently being built in Cedar Rapids -- a $37 million building. It's going to be eleven-stories high and adding to the city's skyline comes with some growing pains.

Several times a day a loud noise echoes throughout downtown Cedar Rapids as crews build the new CRST headquarters. Our Cedar Rapids Bureau is across the street ,and yes, we hear it inside. So do others in buildings throughout downtown

"When they're pounding the steel down in the ground, it's loud enough you can hear it inside," said Karen Frankfurt, who  works in Cedar Rapids.

First Street and Third Ave SE used to have a stoplight and now there's stop signs due to the construction. At certain times of day, traffic can get pretty backed up. Pedestrians also lost their signal, and now have to be extra careful when crossing the street.

"You have to look around to try to not get hit but it's just so crazy right now 'cause they're all over the place," said Linda Harris, who lives in Cedar Rapids.

"You kind of have to take a risk and watch when people are coming because they don't always watch for you," said Frankfurt.

Despite the troubles, many say it's worth it to see CRST investing millions in downtown, six years after flooding destroyed so much.

"I like what they're doing," said Harris.

"It'll be worth it," said Frankfurt. "It'll be more growth downtown. Downtown is really growing and it's really getting pretty."

Since the area was under water in 2008 during the record flooding, CRST is working with the city on flood protection. Part of the series of flood walls and levees planned for both sides of the river will built into the building.

Construction on the building should be done in 2016.

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