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Flubbed absentee ballots costing Auditor time, money

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Want to make sure your vote counts in the upcoming election? If so, Black Hawk County officials say make sure you filled it out correctly.

Officials with the Black Hawk County Auditor's office say they're seeing hundreds of absentee ballots come in without a key signature on the back of the envelope. Without that signature, the ballot isn't valid.

Election Manager Kyle Jensson told KWWL the voting packet was changed this year to streamline the process. Now with the errors, election officials are highlighting the area and stamping it 'sign here' to correct the issue.

The signature field in question used to be inside the packet, and if missed, could go unnoticed until right up to election day. now, on the outside of the return packet, it's easier for officials to fix the issue. Still, contacting voters to correct ballots is a waste of resources, Jensson said.

“Sign and seal the ballot envelope and all this trouble can be avoided,” she said.

For questions, contact the Election Office at 319-833-2007.

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