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Boxelder bugs look to keep warm in eastern Iowa homes

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Boxelder bugs have been making their way from boxelder trees to many eastern Iowans homes the past couple of weeks.

Amanda Anderson lives in Dubuque and has been battling the bugs. She said she knows they're not harmful, but she finds them very annoying.

"Oh my gosh, yes. Especially when they fly right at your face. My son likes to laugh because I'll have them fly at my face and it looks like bad kung fu moves trying to get them away," said Anderson.

Allie Schmalz is a naturalist for Dubuque County. She said during the spring months Boxelder bugs plant eggs on female boxelder trees. She said in the fall the adult boxelder bugs search for someplace warm for the winter. She said they can often be found on the south side of buildings looking for the sun or sometimes inside peoples homes.

"That's why we see them come out in such huge numbers. It's because they are trying to find places to spend winter," said Anderson.

Anderson said to make your home boxelder bug free make sure you're home is winterized, meaning all cracks and gaps are sealed. It's also a good idea to put duct tape around outdoor light fixtures since they can sneak in that way as well.

"If they do get in your house they don't reproduce in your home. They wont eat anything during the winter months, so they are really pretty harmless. Other insects do eat them so they do serve a purpose," said Anderson.

Some people have told KWWL they use water and dish soap to get rid of pesky boxelder bugs, Anderson said she's not sure if any difference.

Another way you can get rid of boxelder bugs is through vacuuming them up.

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