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Someone You Should Know : Austin Hamblin

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Austin Hamblin is nineteen years old and he's been writing for as long as he can remember.

In the past two years, he has published a total of seven comic books.

"It's art and a story and it's just two things that fit perfectly together," he said.

His love for comics and writing goes beyond just fascination though. "In high school I had mental illness really bad. I had anxiety and depression. I tried committing suicide a couple different times and this was kinda my therapy. I wrote some stories the world will probably never see but it helped me get through it," he said.

Austin is now using his talents to help others, by writing anti-bullying stories among supporting other causes.

"My goal with everything I write is to make someone feel something, even if it's just a laugh but when I can actually genuinely make someone feel good then it's a victory for me," he said.

He says his message for others through his books is "try to become a better person always, by even taking a part of these fictional characters and seeing how they interact with the world then analyzing yourself and try to become a better person from that."

He is currently working on a story to raise money for Toys for Tots and he is on his third story to help end bullying.

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