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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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Rick Coleman: "I'm Rick Coleman here with the head football coach for the Northern Iowa Panthers Mark Farley--coming off a very tough loss on the road on at Indiana State--now preparing this week to go on the road again at South Dakota."

"And one thing about this league that we learned from the first week is it is going to be tough on the road in the MVFC."

Mark Farley: "It's going to be tough anywhere there are some very good teams and good players."

Rick: "Obviously we saw the Panthers had an opportunity to win the game...and probably should have won in many people's minds--you score as many times as you did just need to convert some of those field goals into touchdowns."

Mark: "That's the name of the game right now...we are not getting touchdowns in the redzone. And ultimately a couple of touchdowns would have put them two possessions behind and changed the course of the game."

Rick: "I know it gets tight in the redzone the execution has to be precise--what are you looking for this weekend"

Mark: "Just let it go down there and let's punch it in...whether you spread it out or tighten it down I don't care let's be aggressive and get it in the endzone."

Rick: "Going this weekend to South Dakota against a team that gets its quarterback--back this week...they've played pretty good without him--Losing to Oregon--but battling back and winning both of their home games including a big win over Northern Arizona."

Mark: "Northern Arizona was a playoff team last year and one of the better teams in the Big Sky--But The Quarterback who played us last year broke his thumb against Oregon and his first game back is this week."

Rick: "What are the keys to victory this week against South Dakota?"

Mark: "We have to be consistent on offense and punch it it into the endzone when we get down there and defensively we are playing a good quarterback so our secondary must play good and we have to get pressure on him."

Rick: "This Panther football is 2-3 but a couple of plays from being undefeated--how do you keep their mental mindset on the prize?"

Mark: "It's a great group of the guys so I'm not concerned about that but the frustration--you and I alike, you get frustrated when you don't win those close games--that we are accustomed to so we just have to get rhythm win the close games--win the close situations and create the consistency on our team." 

Rick "So the big key is to finish--finish in the redzone--finish every aspect of the game."

Mark: "And play our game, they have a lot going on with homecoming--parties and distractions--we just have to go in there and focus on our team and go on the road--we just have to be a consistent football team."

Rick: "UNI at South Dakota this week kick off at 3pm--I believe its on ESPN3."

Mark : "Yeah they are have a party at the Dome and putting the game on the big screen so there will be a lot of people watching us we just need to perform."

Rick: "Good Luck Coach"

Mark: "Thank You." 

Rick: "Thank You."

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