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How UNI alerts students in emergencies

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - Mara Forsyth and teammate Hope Koerperich are freshman and softball players at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. Forsyth said she's still getting acclimated to the college environment, and wants to be notified when emergency situations hit the campus.

The college uses UNI Alert, the notification system for the campus. It notifies students, faculty and staff of things such as severe weather, class delays or class cancellations. It's also used for major threats, like if a gunman were to enter the campus grounds or if an evacuation were to be ordered.

UNI Alerts are sent via e-mail, social media and text message. Other incidents, however, like sexual assaults and robberies, are sent out via Crime Alert. UNI Public Safety said the Crime Alert system only sends e-mails to students, and the department also posts information on its website.

Some students say, though, that may not be enough.

"I wouldn't check the website. I would never think of checking the website," Forsyth said.

Her teammate agrees.

"I would say a text message would probably be the easiest, phones are so accessible to everyone. Facebook would be a good option too, but I would say text message would definitely be the easiest," Koerperich said.

Some students said a text message or Facebook notification is instant, and might be more effective for all emergency cases.

UNI University Relations does stress, though, that for major threats to the campus, the UNI Alert is used. University Relations said the UNI Alert is tested at least once every semester, and reminds students to always make sure their contact information is up-to-date.
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