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Hudson says 'zero tolerance for missed homework'

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Hudson's junior high and high school implemented a unique homework policy, and they're seeing results.

Hudson's at-risk coordinator says he noticed a problem back in 1996. Teachers issued 9-12 grade students a combined 246 F's at the end of the school year. 

He decided things needed to change. It's called the After School Program. 

If students don't do their homework, they have to stay after school to finish it -- no arguments about it. 

This means athletes and musicians can potentially miss practices, and students with jobs can't go to work, until they've finished their homework.

Although some students feel inconvenienced, Hudson's At-Risk Coordinator Dave Lipinski says forcing students to do homework will help them in real life.

"In any workplace environment you are going to be expected to do your job and do it in a timely fashion. That doesn't mean perfect." 

"If we expect quality homework to be done when the teacher wants it done, that's no different if you had a job at a manufacturing plant and you had a deadline to meet," says Lipinski.

Before the program's inception, 20 students had below a C average. Now, 18 years later, no students fall below that average.

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