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East Dubuque paramedics ask Dubuque Fire for service help

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DUBUQUE (KWWL) - The East Dubuque Fire Department has approached the Dubuque Fire Department asking for assistance in some of their paramedic services.

The East Dubuque Fire Department has taken over the ambulance service for their community.

The department is currently certified at the Basic EMT level and have asked the Dubuque Fire Department for paramedic intercept for advance calls.

Joe Heim is the East Dubuque Fire Chief. He said the Basic EMT certification means that paramedics with the department are able to transport people as well as do the ABC's of life support (airway, breathing, circulation).

Wayne Dow is the EMS Supervisor for the Dubuque Fire Department. He said all Dubuque ambulances are equipped with advanced certification, which means paramedics are able to give things like IVs to patients.

Heim said he hopes creating a partnership with the Dubuque Fire Department will ensure even better care for East Dubuque patients.

Each year, the East Dubuque Fire Department receives an average of 170-175 medical calls a year, with only 50-60 of those calls requiring advanced medical care.

Wayne Dow said if the agreement was approved by the Dubuque City Council on Monday, Dubuque residents should know their service calls will not be affected.

"Not at this time. We don't foresee any issues with additional responses," said Dow.

In fact, Dow said he hopes the agreement will help the Dubuque Fire Department in the future.

"One of the goals of our agreement is that East Dubuque is working its way to becoming an advanced life support ambulance,"  said Dow. "So there is a benefit for Dubuque citizens that one day we'll have another provider to respond as a mutual aid backup for us."

The Dubuque City Council will vote on the agreement Monday.
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