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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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Rick Coleman: I'm here with Panther head coach Mark Farley after the Panthers' impressive win over Tennessee Tech.
Now going into the conference play against Indiana State, and every game in the conference is going to be tough coach.

Mark Farley: Everybody is a top 20 team we've got 8 teams in the top 25, so this is going to be a difficult league.

Rick Coleman: Indiana State had some impressive showings in the non conference season, come in 3 and 1, beat Ball State right after Ball State gave Iowa a tough test at Kinnick.

Mark Farley: And they beat them pretty handily when you look at the tape they are a throwing football team they throw it about 50 times a game, so its going to be some points on the board.

Rick Coleman: And you are impressed with their quarterback, he transferred in a couple of years ago and was the MVC newcomer of the year, he's experienced and confident.

Mark Farley: He's very confident right now, he's thrown the ball 160 times in his first four games with no interceptions, and a 70 percent completion percentage.

Rick Coleman: Your team proved last week one of the most dominating defensive performances I have ever seen in the Dome, you guys played with intensity and passion throughout, regardless of the competition.

Mark Farley: And that's the big thing we have to take that on the road, that's the test we have to continue to get better. I think we've done that the past two week, we've got a foundation to grow from but we have to take that intensity on the road. 

Rick Coleman: And you cleaned up some of the mistakes that plagued you the first two weeks.

Mark Farley: We did, the penalties. We've been so far turnover free, but we've cleaned up some of the errors but we can still get so much better in the red-zone.

Rick Coleman: Offensive Line has definitely improved the last couple of weeks.

Mark Farley: Well, credit to the coaches and the players. We went to the run game and really hung our hat on our offensive line and tight ends, and I think they really made improvements. There is a group of seven, 8 guys who are working together and playing well..

Rick Coleman: The fact you are in the conference now, these guys have played with great intensity all season, and you said in the preseason you've got to come out strong because of the competition. Once league play starts you've got to maintain the intensity or ramp it up a bit.

Mark Farley: That's where we've got to ramp it up, I think we are getting better now. In years past you play an Iowa and Hawaii, you peaked out and not very good during your season, I see plenty of room for improvement.

Rick Coleman: What are the keys to victory?

Mark Farley: Keys will be our pass defense, we've got to get some pressure on the quarterback and get some intercepts and also get some explosive plays on offense. 

Rick Coleman: Coach, Indiana State this week. A big week for the Panthers, go out and get a win for us.

Mark Farley: Thank you.

Rick Coleman: Thank you coach.

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