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Three area siblings have breast cancer gene mutation

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Kristin Melhus was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, three years after her mother had a lumpectomy for her own breast cancer.

"I remember being in that doctors office and they said it looked abnormal and they could do a biopsy but we should just wait six months. You have your mom in the back of your head.... you just want to know"

Kristin was 32 years old when doctors diagnosed her.

She had triple negative cancer -- an aggressive form of the disease, and the same kind as her mother. After running tests to see if the cancer came from her mother, Kristin received shocking news.

"My sister got tested and she was positive. My brother was positive as well. It came from our dad. So everything my mother went through to try to prevent us from getting cancer -- it came from the other side."

Both Kristin and her siblings are taking preventative measures to make sure cancer doesn't attack their family again. Through everything, Kristin says, her mom has been her rock.

"To have someone that's been there for you and (crying) been in your shoes -- its -- sorry -- knowing my mom has been through it. She knew my limitations and she knew when I needed help, I didn't have to ask. She was just there.

Beating cancer wasn't the last challenge Kristin had to face. The chemotherapy treatment caused a rare condition that drained blood from her bones. Kristin had her right hip replaced last week, and will need to have the other replaced in a few months.

She says she wont let the surgeries bring her down.

"Attitude makes all the difference in the world"

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