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Photographer catches moment of true football sportsmanship

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FAIRBANK (KWWL) - Wapsie Valley beat Grundy center Friday night, but the score didn't matter.

A key player for Wapsie ended up in the hospital and support came from the other side of the field.

Justin Scott with JScott Images has photographed high school sports for 15 years, but what happened Friday night took him off guard.

"So Andrew scores a touchdown and the whole field is just going nuts. I mean, it's pandemonium," said Scott.

A few plays later, Andrew Buzynski collapsed.

He was taken off the field with a head injury, and the game finished.

Scott noticed instead of the Wapsie players cheering because they won, they were worried about their teammate.

And instead of the Grundy Center players walking just off the field, two of the players emerged from the sidelines and started consoling the Wapsie players.

Scott caught the moment with his camera.

"I've seen hugs of great game, hugs of whatever, but I've never seen a losing player, player on the losing team, actually go up to a player on a winning team and have to be the one that consoles them, and it was very heartwarming," said Scott.

Since Scott posted the photo to Facebook Friday night, more than 100,000 people have viewed it.

He hopes people get a deeper message when looking at it.

"No matter the score, no matter the outcome, no matter what team you play for, no matter what logo is on your helmet, we're all one human family -- the fact that we're in eastern Iowa is special," said Scott.

Parents say Andrew was released from the hospital a week later, Friday October 3rd.  He visited classmates at school, and now will spend the next few days recovering at home.

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