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NC therapy dog wins 2014 National Hero Dog Award

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LOS ANGELES (KWWL) - A North Carolina therapy dog won the 2014 National Hero Dog Awards.

Susie the pit bull was set on fire in 2009 by a previous owner. The pit bull puppy was covered in third-degree burns, and her ears were burned off. However, a surprising person took Susie in. Donna Lawrence is now Susie's owner. Lawrence was attacked by a neglected pit bull in 2008, an attack that left her unable to have children and fearful of dogs.

“If Susie hadn't come into my life, I don't know that I ever would have gotten over the fear,” Lawrence told the Today Show. “I was drawn to her spirit — her love and affection for people when she should hate them, you know? She was living in the moment, not living in the past, happy ... I thought, ‘If this puppy can forgive humans, I can forgive dogs.'”

 Together Lawrence and Susie have fought for stronger anti-cruelty laws in North Carolina, including Susie's Law.

A Waverly military dog and the other six finalists will join Susie on a national float on Veterans Day.
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