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Flights stalled at Dubuque Regional Airport Friday

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Dubuque Regional Airport sat empty for most of Friday afternoon as flight after flight was canceled due to a fire at an air traffic control center in Illinois, which grounded all flights in and out of Chicago.

Flights from the Dubuque Regional Airport primarily head to and from Chicago, which left many passengers scrambling at the airport early Friday morning.

Robert Grierson is the manager at the Dubuque Regional Airport. He said, as far as flights, they haven't seen a day like this since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"I can tell you the passengers and the crews are just as frustrated as the employees. This is just something that is....amazing...that something like this occurs today," said Grierson.

Grierson said the control center in Illinois controls all the radar service for this part of the country. He said the impact is a lot greater than people realize.

"When they say the Chicago Center, it's not just over Chicago. It begins in Des Moines and continues all the way to Indiana," said Grierson.

Workers at the Dubuque Regional Airport said rental cars were in high demand Friday morning.

Grierson said he expects flights to continue as normal on Saturday

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