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Health Plus: Stroke Therapy

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Mary Wilder is a stroke victim at the age of 62. A couple months a go, she lost the majority of her functions, including her ability to walk and talk.

Since then, she's been attending physical and occupational therapy three days a week. Chyanne Cleve, a physical therapist at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, said it's easy to see how much Wilder wants to get better. 

"She was very determined," Cleve said. "So she was a go-getter from the beginning, wanting things to do outside of her therapy sessions."

The therapy is a day by day process but with the help of her therapists, Cleve said Wilder has flourished in her recovery. In about two months, Wilder had completely learned how to walk, talk and even regain the function back in her right arm.

It takes patience, care and a great amount of effort from both the therapists and Wilder. But in the end, Wilder said it's all worth it. She said she even wants to go back to school to become a physical therapist herself. 

"When I thought about my kids and my grandkids. And they need their mama and their grandma to show them the way of things," Wilder said. "And that's what kept me strong is my kids and grandkids."

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