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The Mark Farley Interview on September 26th

The Mark Farley Interview on September 26th

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Rick Coleman: "I'm here with UNI head football coach Mark Farley after an impressive win over Northern Colorado at the UNI-Dome. Coach, the team played well on both sides of the football."

Mark Farley: "Yeah we did I thought we came out and forced some three and outs on defense, but the initial drive when we came out and hit Kevin Vereen down the seam was important."

Rick Coleman: "We will talk about offense first getting the running game going was very important, and David Johnson over 170 yards rushing."

Mark Farley: "We wanted to emphasize that I didn't think we were running the ball well enough consistently to be the kind of team we want to be...we have a great running back in David and Darian (Miller)."

Rick Coleman: "And also the defense, you always say the defense sets the tone in the Dome. "

Mark Farley: "I think we can control the atmosphere and the crowd with the defense if you get a sack you get a turnover or a big hit it brings everyone to their feet, on offense you have to wait for a big play to come to your feet."

Rick Coleman: And speaking of sacks you got a few if them in that game its seems like the defensive front four got great push especially from Xavier Williams who is a beast if I can say that."

Mark Farley: "Well you can because he is, Xavier did an excellent job, he's getting better each week. And now he is more into his element, the kind of defense that we are playing right now we changed some things to play to his strength."

Rick Coleman: "And you talk about that setting the table for everything, your linebackers your secondary, everything flows from what you do up front."

Mark Farley: "Whether its on offense or defense, you go back and look at any stat...if you control the line of scrimmage O-Line or D-Line, then your secondary or backfield is going to do well and that's what you have to do to win."

Rick Coleman: "Got another big challenge coming to the dome, Tennessee Tech a name people might recognize. A few years ago they played at Kinnick against the Hawks, a physical team out of the Ohio Valley, another big physical contest."

Mark Farley: "It is the Ohio Valley is a league that is compared to our league--so it is important to do well against the Ohio Valley to represent the MVC."

Rick Coleman: "I know Indiana State did well against them, obviously its very important for you to help out the MVFC for playoff time.

Mark Farley: "That's what's big about this right now, I believe the MVC is 20-1 against non-conference FCS opponents so that makes our conference strong for the debate at the end of the year, but right now we want to beat Tennessee Tech."

Rick Coleman: "What do you have improve on this week?"

Mark Farley: "We have to improve our offense and defense, we gave up a couple of big plays in the secondary that we need to clean up. We need to get some interceptions, and we need to put people away in the end. So I'd like to see a stronger offensive performance, 
and we'd like to see a big crowd at the UNI-Dome.

Rick Coleman: "4 O'clock, Coach go out there and get a win."

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