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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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Rick: I'm here with UNI head coach mark Farley after the long trip to Hawaii, the team came up a little short in the game but it was a great trip for your team because they got a chance to experience so much in Hawaii.

Coach: Yeah it would have been a great trip overall if we had gotten the win.

You know we experienced Pearl Harbor a lot of opportunities that our players never had before to get on that island and see what the other part of the world looked like.

Rick: I like your attitude coming back two close losses to two bigger FBS programs, but you said no moral victories because you thought you should have won those games.

Coach: I felt like we should have won both of those games. I don't want our 
thinking because they are FBS programs is any different.

I feel that we are equal but we have to make the close plays and those are things we didn't do, we need to make the critical plays with 9 minutes to go in the game.

Rick: Challenging situation coming back to the mainland then having homecoming on campus, so there are some distractions.

Coach: Challenges and excitement, but you can look at it either way, there's challenges because we didn't get back until Monday and our equipment didn't get back until Tuesday, but you know its homecoming and we get our first home football game so we're excited.

Rick: What are the positives from the first two games?

Coach: We played two very good football teams and we met the challenges, FBS.

I thought we met the challenge physically and we came out healthy, I think if we can focus on the details we can put people away.

Rick: What can you build on going into Northern Colorado?

Coach: I thought we had great energy on defense, did a great job against Norm Chow's Offense, but we need to be more physical on the line of scrimmage on offense and we're throwing the ball well but we need to get going more in the running game.

Rick: David Johnson is getting much traction in the running game but he's still showing his explosiveness on the field.

Coach: Everybody is trying to take away the the running game because of David, but what David is, is running back leader for running back receptions and re-running touchdowns for running backs, you take one thing away and he will beat you in other ways.

Rick: What will it take to beat Northern Colorado?

Coach: Don't beat ourselves, go in there with a lot of energy and use the Dome, play loose but not careless.

Rick: Okay, pack the Dome UNI vs Northern Colorado Saturday at 4.

Thank you very much Coach  

Coach: Thank you

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