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Parents call for stoplight after rollover crash

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Parents are calling for a stoplight at what they say is a dangerous intersection after 5 people were injured in a rollover accident.

It happened Thursday just before 8 a.m. at the corner of Greenhill Rd. and Rownd St. in Cedar Falls.

A family was driving to drop their kids off at Valley Lutheran School. According to police, the driver of that van made a left turn in front of another car, and was t-boned.

The van, with two adults and three children inside, rolled. They were trapped, and had to be pulled out using the Jaws of Life.

“We were concerned something like this would happen,” said Glenn Rollins, Executive Director of Valley Lutheran.

All five are expected to survive. The injured driver was cited for Failure to Yield. Still, Rollins said he sees at least one really bad accident there every year.

“When you see a car turned on its side with another car that's run into it, you know it's pretty serious,” he said.

Jenny Bagenstos was dropping her daughter off at Valley when she saw the accident. She said she's been petitioning Cedar Falls for a stoplight there for more than a year.

“I want to know what's going to be done for the safety of my children,” she said.

Greenhill Rd. is zoned for 45 miles per hour. Rollins said he sees many people speeding though, which means cars are whizzing by a school at what is essentially highway speeds.

“We're very concerned,” he said.

Cedar Falls Mayor Jon Crews said the city is moving forward with the light. He said they plan to begin construction in October.

“The city is doing it not in reaction to the specific accident, but concerns to the amount of traffic on that road,” Crews said.

He said lights are custom made, which slows the process. Still, families are frustrated.

“I guess the wheel of government sometimes works

a little slower than our families would like, what we need,” Rollins said.

“We do expect the city to protect our children,” Bagenstos said. “They shouldn't have to go to school and watch people get cut out of vehicles. That should not have to happen.”

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