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The Mark Farley Interview: Hawaii Trip

The Mark Farley Interview: Hawaii Trip

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"I'm here with UNI Football Coach Mark Farley right before the big trip to Hawaii this week exciting trip not only for football purposes but also historical purposes-- Stan Sheriff the former football coach and athletic director at Northern Iowa who built the UNI-Dome also went out to be athletic director at Hawaii and built that program up too. And he recruited--well you were a walk-on but he let you into the program and you continued that Panther Legacy.."

"That's right he was the football coach the first semester when I got here--He left in January of my first year--I didn't get to know the man that well but he was the coach when I first got here."

"What will it be like going on a trip like this-- I know football is the main purpose you want to go out there and win a football game--but will there be some educational opportunities for the players?"

"Yes--there is. This may be the only time some of these young men go to the Island -
I think its a great educational opportunity for them--So we will go to Pearl Harbor and go through that on Friday--and then some other things on the Island, but I think Pearl Harbor will give them a chance to see the history of what is behind our military."

"And they'll get a chance to see the campus and the parallel between UNI and Hawaii.".

"There's probably a lot of similarities between the two programs when you look at them on paper in terms of the size and facilities--its just they are on opposite ends of the World. --It will be a huge --but at the same time this has to be a win--we've got to get a win so the big thing its 15 hours away but it will be about the three hours on the field that's most important."

  You have faced some great offensive minds in your time at Northern Iowa--I think of Chip Kelly with the Eagles was at Oregon he was an offensive coordinator at New Hampshire.

Now Norm Chow who is known for his offensive system in the NFL and also in the Collegiate ranks. 

It'll be a huge test because coach Chow is a renowned for his offense and his offensive system and the points that he puts on the board and Hawaii plays wide open football game and we will face one of the best offensive minds in the country.

What will it take to get a victory over there?

It'll take the same thing we did at Iowa--we will have to play smarter--we need to play as tough and we will need to focus on those three hours on the field--and we are going to have to finish the four quarters of the game not make an error down the stretch-- we have to be very focus in this game and not let the environment create errors.

Coach Farley and the Panthers heading to Hawaii Good Luck over there coach --I know we will be expecting a win and I know you are too...

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