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Dubuque County residents petition for guardrail

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Some residents who live along Swiss Valley Road in Dubuque County are asking the Dubuque County Supervisors to consider installing a guardrail in a portion of the road, they say, isn't all that safe. Tony Lobianco was one of some 40 residents to sign a petition, which was given to the Supervisors on Tuesday. He said a portion of Swiss Valley Road near his home has a sharp curve.

"From this sign here on up there is a big drop. There is a lot of room now for a guardrail," Lobianco said while driving.

Lobianco said he hasn't seen many accidents take place at the curve, but he does believe it's a safety hazard.

"When it gets icy out here you will see cars that will avoid it. You will see cars that are in ditches. One time there was a car that went off of (the curve) and I forget what the driver was doing and they had to get a crane to pull him out," said Lobianco.

Dubuque County Engineer, Bret Wilkinson said there haven't been many accidents reported on the curve. He said the road is like many other Dubuque County roads in that it has sharp curves and is steep. He said that portion of the road is hard for his crews to make a 1-2 foot shoulder on. He said if a guardrail was approved by the Supervisors, it may be costly. He said his crews would need to move dirt to create about a 6 foot shoulder for the rail. He said they would also need to remove some nearby trees.

Dubuque County Supervisors said safety is a top priority, but they need to make sure they're spending the taxpayers money wisely. Dubuque County Supervisors and the Dubuque County Engineers office have not determined yet if a guardrail is needed for the area.

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