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Cedar Falls wastewater disinfection system repaired

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The City of Cedar Falls says the ultra-violet disinfection system at the water reclamation facility that failed on Thursday, has been repaired.

Officials with the city say the system was fully operational again on Monday.


The City of Cedar Falls says people should avoid the Cedar River south of the water reclamation facility after the ultra-violet disinfection system failed early Thursday afternoon.

As a result, the city says the water being released to the Cedar River is not being disinfected as required. All other treatment processes are working normally.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources requires that the disinfection process, which is the final step in treatment, be in operation March 15 through Nov. 15.

The city says the disinfection process was just added to their system this year. Before that, none of the discharges from the Cedar Falls facility to the river were disinfected.

City staff is working with the system's manufacturer to resolve the problem.

The City of Cedar Falls discharges about 4.3 million gallons of treated wastewater to the Cedar River. The city says that while that is only about  0.3% of the total river volume, bacteria levels immediately downstream will be somewhat higher, and people should avoid contact with the river downstream of the area to be safe.

If you do come in contact with the river, the city says you should wash your hands and use normal, good hygiene practices.

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