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U. of Iowa professor comments on Obama's speech on ISIS

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President Obama announced Wednesday night the United States will have a campaign of air strikes to stop the terrorist group known as ISIS, who he says poses a threat to America.

University of Iowa Political Science Professor Tim Hagle says the speech is important because the public is uneasy over those threats.

"He had to make a case for doing something," said Hagle. "Public pressure is on him to get something done." 

But this is not like the speech President George W. Bush gave when he declared war with Iraq.

One difference: President Obama was not really using the word "war." Obama also said this is not a combat mission, though service members will be going abroad to train Iraqi security forces and provide intelligence.

Hagle says that the mood is different now than it was 10 or more years ago. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started with the attacks of  September 11, 2001, still fresh in the minds of many. 

"People were more accepting of a war at that point," said Hagle. "Now we've had a decade or more of war in two different locations."

While ISIS has executed American journalists abroad, at this point, there has not been an attack on American soil.

"They don't have that same intensity that 9/11 did, especially at the time that it did," said Hagle.

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