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Video goes viral after Iowa City officers break up house party

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A video that hit social media after a Saturday house party in Iowa City is getting a lot of attention.

The video has 12,263 views on YouTube and shows Iowa City police officers breaking up the party.

However, some on social media say it also shows the actions of officers were wrong.

"I need 15 cops inside my house because of a get together? I was just shocked the whole time," said Teddy Atteo, who lives in the apartment.

Atteo says it all started as a "normal" college party with about 20-25 people, music and drinks, until police arrived and began using what he calls "excessive force."

"It wasn't handled how it should have been handled," said Atteo. "It was too aggressive for an average party."

He says one of the people at the party started recording after police busted through the door.

However, Iowa City Police say they were called out for a disturbance with loud music.

Once they arrived, they say the residents refused to open the door.

Once they did open the door, police say those inside the apartment denied responsibly and didn't take ownership of the apartment.

"Three or four cops entered, grabbed (my friend), pulled him out, and brought him to the floor -- and at one point he was maced," said Atteo.

The video shows multiple officers in the apartment apparently arguing with the people inside.

In the video, you can see one officer with a weapon, which was a taser, according to Atteo.

He says not a single person inside the party acted out or was aggressive toward police.

However, police say one person attempted to close the door despite verbal commands. At that point, the officer attempted to stop the person from re-entering the residence and a struggle ensued, according to police.

Police say the resistive behavior initiated outside of the residence then carried over to the inside of the residence, which required additional officers to respond.

"You don't need to start grabbing people and throwing them around," said Zach Haigh, who was also at the party. "(The video) just gives another perspective, gives our perspective. It gives the other side of the story, of how it really happened."

Atteo and Haigh tell us they were not trying to paint a bad picture of the police here in Iowa City by having someone post the brief video.

Iowa City Police have their own video of the entire situation, but since it's an active and ongoing case, they won't release it until criminal charges are settled in court.

Police did arrest three people for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and interference with official acts.

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