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ISIS threat makes vets consider redeployment

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Cpl. Richard Morgan spent about two years deployed with the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan and Jordan. After being honorably discharged, he came home to Cedar Falls.

There's a lot of things he doesn't miss about living in a combat zone.

"Even more on foot patrols you've got to worry about IEDs," he remembered.

Now, he's studying at the University of Northern Iowa, but as an active reservist, reports on the growing threat of ISIS militants in Syria make him pay attention.

"There's a lot of worries about ISIS right now," he said. "People are scared a little bit. The stuff that's happening over there is savage, not something our world should see at this time."

The possibility is always there -- he could be called up and redeployed. He remembers losing friends in the service, and struggling with PTSD when he came home.

That's not to say he's not ready.

"I was infantry, so my view is going to be a little bit skewed," Morgan said. "I mean we're always up for a fight. A lot of guys I talk to that are still active are looking at what's going on like, 'Who are we going to fight next?'"

Still, it's not something he's looking for after getting used to life at home.

"For a lot of us, it will be a bitter sweet thing," he said of a redeployment. "I've experienced the civilian world now, and it's obviously a lot more comfortable."

Still, should the need arise --

"The way I see it there are some bad guys, they're really well equipped, and they're gaining ground quickly," Morgan said. "It's different than before. It should have a lot of people worried. But If it comes down to it and it's got to be done, I'll be the first to say I'll go."

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