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Servers want you to put down your phone

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Diners distracted by their cell phone has become a pain for severs in the restaurant businesses.

Kelly Burke is a waitress at Mario's Italian Restarante in Dubuque.

She said it's frustrating to do her job when customers seem to always be on their cell phone.

"Their attention span is on their phone," Burke said.

Burke said over the years there has been a dramatic increase of diners who immediately go to their phones once they are inside a restaurant.

"Everything is a sequence, that's how I kind of look at doing my job. So it kind of interrupts the flow of my sequence," said Burke.

Burke said she offers this advice to people planning to dine out.

"Wait before your service comes to the table and asks what you want to drink and if you want any appetizers. Please don't (use your phone) at the beginning because it's like an awkward silence when you're sitting on your phone and I'm standing there kind of just rocking back and forth on my heels," said Burke.

Burke said cell phone use has brought more business to the bar section of Mario's.

She said patrons will continue to drink while searching social media and gaming on their phone.

Lea Drossler is the co-owner of L. May Eatery in Dubuque.

She said she hasn't noticed customers cell phone usage as much of an issue for her staff.

"It seems like we have the occasional loud talker on their cell phone, but really I feel people are courteous," said Drossler.

Drossler said she praises the changing technology. She said smart phones have allowed her business to adapt through blogs and reviews.

"Everyone needs a break from it occasionally, but really for us, it's been a huge advancement," said Drossler.

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