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Springville divided over school vote

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Springville Elementary School is more than 50 years old. There's multiple entry points, and the classrooms are open. Listen carefully and you can hear the class down the hall. The cafeteria doubles as the gym. All that will change if voters approve two ballot questions on Tuesday.

"They deserve to have the kind of environment that's not only safe for them but educationally up-to-date as well," said Amy Kortemeyer, Superintendent.

Around town, you can find plenty of vote yes signs.

"The school needs, needs re-done," said Roger Weller, Supporter. "How many how people have a (53-year-old) house that hasn't even been remodeled?" 

Others agree with that but this is an issue that is dividing this town. A letter went out to a lot of the registered voters really urging them to say no.

Some, just against the price.  We're talking a property tax increase of $200 per year for a person whose home has an assessed value of  $100,000.

Others say they don't understand paying more for a district with shrinking enrollment.

"I just think it's ridiculous building onto the school when we don't have enough kids to go to school in the first place," said Frank Moore, Opponent.

But the district says there should be a safe environment for the kids who do go to school at Springville Elementary and feels it could help attract families to town.

"It's certainly an investment in our kids as well as our community," said Kortemeyer.

The district warns that losing a school could mean lower property values and says it needs the full property tax hike to pay for the proposed project, but a lot of people in town feel that the district should scale back the project.

Some districts consolidate to share resources.

Springville already shares its superintendent. She works part-time out of Springville and spends the rest of her time at the Linn-Mar district.

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