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Vote set for Tuesday for Cedar Falls School bond referendum

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Voters go to the polls Tuesday to determine whether to build a new Cedar Falls high school and make renovations to two of the district's elementary schools and add a new elementary school.

The $118 million project would include a brand-new $87 million high school, which would be built just west of the UNI-Dome along 27th St.

It would also include additions and remodeling to North Cedar and Orchard Hill Elementary schools.

It has been a hot button issue for a lot of people, whether it's over coffee, or on Facebook.

Both sides are working to get their messages out as the vote draws closer.

In every neighborhood, you see the signs.

"Vote Yes to Invest"

"Vote No on the 9th"

Hundreds of yard signs urge voters to take a side September 9.

"It's not full of bells and whistles. It is what we need to move forward to continue our educational excellence that we've got a history for," said Jim Moody with the Vote Yes to Invest group.

Opponents say their biggest issue is with the high school They don't like the location west of UNI and they don't like the cost."

"I think there's enough money with the 1% option sales tax that can more than fund the elementary school projects. Our big beef is the $87 million high school. There's others in Ankeny and Iowa City that are doing it for half the cost," said Judd Saul with the Vote No on the 9th group.

Saul says his group thinks seniors on fixed incomes won't be able to afford a tax increase.

"It's a lot of heart with no common sense from the Vote Yes side. I think the Vote No side is saying let's look at the big issue here. Let's look at all the facts, all the numbers, not just a flashy new toy to make Cedar Falls look great," said Saul.

Moody points to the district's website explaining the bond.

He says his group has been working to dispel misinformation about the issue.

"We just want to be an avenue to get out the accurate information to the community so they can make an educated decision come Tuesday," said Moody.

Saul says his group will be in Cedar Falls neighborhoods over the weekend distributing flyers as part of their effort to defeat the bond issue.

The bond would need 60% approval to pass and is the only issue on Tuesday's ballot for Cedar Falls voters.

The school district created an informational website with everything you need to know about that referendum. You can find it here.


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