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The Mark Farley Interview

The Mark Farley Interview

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"I'm here with head coach Mark Farley of the Northern Iowa Panthers fresh off their game against the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday and Coach that was a great college football ..a great game for the state.

"I thought it was a great game..It was well played by both teams-- very physical football game and ultimately went down to the last series."

"I know after the game you were disappointed not because your team didn't play well but because you didn't win the game... You know I was looking at some numbers--the budgets for Northern Iowa and Iowa.. think Northern Iowa's football budget is just under $3-Million according to 2013 stats while Iowa's athletic budget is more than $84-million --it's kind of the "Audacity of Belief" that you think you can go in there and beat a team with that kind of budget."
Well that's how our program is built--I think we have done a great job of recruiting over the years.. and finding people that fit our program--that are division one players and can grow into that kind of talent--I think the development of UNI players is excellent right now...through our weight room and resources, staff and facilities. But more importantly I think its the investment of our players--they take great pride in playing for the University-- and I think when you play with that extra incentive of the people you play for and the school you play for you kind of give that extra effort on the field."

"Man for Man.. you guys battled."

"Well that's the key--we went in there--we actually displayed some head to head competitions the night before and showed there is no difference

..they wear the black and gold -- we wear the purple and gold.. that was the only difference--Maybe people view them in a different way--when it comes to taking off your shoulder pads and helmets there isn't a lot of difference in talent.."

I know coach Ferentz showed a lot of respect for your program and the way you guys prepare --especially the coaches--you've got four veteran coaches on this staff--I know you have had to trade off--here and there because guys have moved on to other programs--but You, Bill Salmon, Mario Verduzco and Rick Nelson --you've all been there--you've all been a part of the program Why do you feel the need to be there in the purple and gold?"

Well I think number one you want to to finish what you started and give back to a University that has given so much to myself, Rick Nelson, Bill Salmon and Mario is kind of the adopted one.. But the University has been so good when you go back and give me the opportunity--you feel an obligation to give something back and run the course-- and put a team on the field like at the University of Iowa so everybody is proud of it at the end of the day--there's a lot of that going on behind the scenes."

I know a lot of Panther fans and a lot of the state's football fans are proud of this football team--Thank you coach Farley..

Thank You..

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