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Some say new sanctions for assault offenders at of U. of Iowa aren't enough

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IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Students have only been back at the University of Iowa for a few weeks, yet there have been multiple reports of sexual assault in campus buildings.

"It's pretty scary to know this is happening where we're all living," said Bailey McCready, UI Freshman.

Already some are protesting the university's response to the assaults -- the same group that organized protests last school year, demanding changes to campus policies regarding assault.

The university announced it was cracking down on offenders earlier this year and just released: new guidelines detailing the punishments for students who commit sexual violence.

"Our sanctioning guidelines are very specific and they give a lot of guidance to judicial administrators but also inform the campus on just what we mean when we say we're going to take sexual assault seriously," said Tom Rocklin, Vice President of Student Life.

The punishments range from probation to expulsion. Certain factors, like using a weapon or drugs to commit the violence, will lead to harsher repercussions.

Some say it's not enough.

"We need a clear, transparent process to the community about what is the outcome of these investigations," said Jeannette Gabriel, Protest Organizer.

Others are glad the university isn't completely ignoring the issue.

"It's kind of nice to know that there's going to be a plan and everything but it's scary that there have already been three that have happened this year," said McCready.

In recent months the university has made several changes to help prevent sexual assault. They've added an extra night ride bus for women and formed a student advisory group, which helped draft these changes. There's also extra resources for assault survivors.
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