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Fast food protestors arrested after stopping traffic on East Washington Avenue

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MADISON (WKOW)-- Traffic on East Washington Avenue was held up for several minutes during the noon lunch hour Thursday afternoon. About a hundred demonstrators in Madison joined the national movement to increase the minimum wage for fast food employees to $15 an hour.

Nearly a dozen demonstrators were arrested during the demonstration on East Washington Avenue. The group of people gathered in the street and wouldn't move for oncoming traffic. Madison police officers asked the protestors to clear the streets, but a handful didn't listen. Police were notified that the demonstration would take place and were on site to make arrests.

"I can't live off of $8.25 an hour. I can't do that with paying child support, paying rent and everything else. $15 an hour I'd be happy to come into work all day, every day," Taco Bell employee and demonstrator Corneil White says.

Four employees at the East Washington Avenue Taco Bell walked out during their shift in protest. Corporate employees have been forced to fill in for their employees nationwide during this organized walk out.

"I got to see some of the corporate members of Taco Bell that I've never seen before, but they had to come in and make burritos and tacos and everything. I'm sure they had a ball doing it," Taco Bell employee Billy Williams says.

Taco Bell employees were joined by other fast food workers and minimum wage advocates as they marched towards McDonalds and other fast food restaurants on East Washington.

The arrested demonstrators were taken to the East Side Madison police station on Thompson Drive. All of the protestors that weren't arrested greeted them there and continued to protest for a higher minimum wage.


 MADISON (WKOW) --- About 100 people protested locally in the national fast food wage protest.

The strike was outside the Taco Bell on East Washington where four employees walked out while working to join the protest.

About 12 people were arrested during the demonstration, and parts of East Washington was shut down for a time.

Labor organizers in about 150 cities planned the rallies as part of their push for a $15 an hour fast food wage.

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