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Herky on Parade Final Farewell

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The Herky on Parade Final Farewell took place Friday, helping to kick off the 2014 University of Iowa football season.

"I like taking a picture with them," said four-year-old Tia Hojka.

The reaction from other kids -- also pretty priceless as they all ran up to touch their favorites.

"I like them," said one six-year-old.

It wasn't just kids admiring the statues at FRY Fest or on display throughout Coralville and Iowa City this summer.

"It's unbelievable," said Terry Butler, Iowa City. "Nice craftsmanship, great idea."

Just days after the statues were revealed one was damaged, its legs knocked off. And it wasn't the only one. In all there was $10,000 worth of damage to the different statues.

A silent auction of the statues at FRY Fest will raise that money back. The rest of the statues will before the Iowa/Iowa State game. Money raised will go to the United Way.

Organizers say they'll do Herky on Parade again but probably not for another ten years, just like they waited a decade before having statues made for this year.

They think all the trouble is worth it when they see the excited looks on kids' faces.

 "It's awesome," said Josh Schamberger, President of the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. "It never gets old. You know ten years ago, we didn't have Facebook and Twitter. So it's been fun all summer to see instant reaction."

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