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The Mark Farley Interview: Week One

The Mark Farley Interview: Week One

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Hello I'm Rick Coleman here with the head coach of the Northern Iowa Panthers Mark Farley ahead of the Panthers big game this Saturday at Kinnick stadium against the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Coach a big game for the panthers--a big game for the state... this is your third trip to Kinnick as head coach what did you learn from your three previous experiences that will help this time.

"I think we learned from the fact we can compete--we are going to have an great game plan and play it very well they have an excellent team--but I feel we have the players in place we can go on the field and go head to head with them and see how it comes out in the end.'

"You have a senior dominated group 18 seniors---18 starters---Iowa strength is to run the football and their offensive line--HOW DO YOU COUNTER..

I think that that's the key to the game--and answers your other question---You like to go Iowa City with some older mature players

to take on that type of venue--that environment and that kind of football team Xavier Williams will give us a chance on the interior Mac O'Brien our two senior defensive linemen also we have a senior defensive secondary-- we're going to have to a great job there but the maturity and size of our players will help..

Obviously maturity and size on the offensive side--as well Sawyer Kollmorgen he's been in that environment--the offense how will they be a key to victory?

They will be a key because the opportunities Iowa allows your offense are limited-- you're down to 65 to 62 plays because what their offense does to stay on the field..In return we have to be very efficient with the opportunities have on offense Sawyer, David Johnson and Jack Rummells in our offensive line will be key to our time of possession which will be effective in the game.

This has generally been a game that big schools have bought..They go out and find competition they can beat--but obviously Northern Iowa is alittle different..why should we continue to play this game in the future?

It's a great game for us--its no question that it is maybe one sided that it is a real positive game for us but I think its very positive for the State and the University of Iowa.. because its game people want to see--and its the people that want to measure and kind of see other kids from the state and see how Northern Iowa stacks up and there is a huge draw to this that a Central Michigan or Northern Illinois can't bring to the game--and yet's its a huge opportunity for us.

Saturday morning from Kinnick kick off 11 O'clock....

Mark Farley--thank you for stopping by. thanks

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