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Higher accident risk for teen drivers with young passengers

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The school year has started and teen drivers are back on the roads. 

The likelihood of a car crash goes up for each young passenger in the car.

According to  Iowa Department of Transportation, sixteen and 17-year old drivers' risk of being killed in a car crash quadruples when there's three or more passengers under twenty-one in the car.

"Fact of the matter is, there's just more distractions," said drivers education instructor Chad Lowry. "Kids have a hard time focusing when their friends are in the car and sometimes they can't control what their friends do in the car. It's just best if they have fewer friends in the car when they drive, it's just much much safer."

Teenage driver's risk decrease when there's an adult thirty-five or older in the car with them.

Lowry says teen drivers are more likely to be in an accident because they're just learning how to drive.

He says parents should get in the cars more with their teen drivers

"Drive with their kids. Practice makes perfect, the best thing that the parents can do it get out with their teenagers and drive," said Lowry. "In many different areas, in many different environments. Interstate, residential, one lane roads."

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