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Student sex offender assigned placement, district parents won't be notified

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Tuesday, Iowa City School District board members approved a plan on how to educate a student who is a registered sex offender.

After a 30-minute closed session, the board decided where to place the student.

The board voted 5-0 to accept the recommendation from superintendent Stephen Murley for the placement of the student.

"FERPA actually stipulates that, that information is something we cannot disclose," said Murley. "No the district is not allowed to affirmatively notify parents or students in that school."

By federal law, district officials are required to withhold most information about the situation meaning parents of other students who may be in the same class room of the student sex offender won't even know.

"One of the things that we do, we look at the safety of everyone involved," said Murley. "We look at the safety of all students in the district, this student in particular, all staff who will work with this individual while they're in the district."

Superintendent Murley says the situation is unique and maybe even unprecedented, but he assures it meets the educational and socio-emotional needs of the student.

He says the board has worked closely with the court system and the student's guardian to ensure safety for the student and everyone else in the district.

"We do recognize this is a unique situation and that that individual has some needs that we can meet both in our classrooms and therapeutic services," said Murley.

The district do have have plans in place when it comes to monitoring the student before, during and after the school day to ensure safety for all, including the staff

"We feel very comfortable and confident that we have developed a plan that there is full-time monitoring," said Murley.

The full-time monitoring will include overlapping supervision, meaning more than one adult will be closely watching the student.

Again, no information on the student, the offense, or the building where they'll receive schooling will be released because of federal student-privacy laws.

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