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With tailgate season approaching, good news about UI drinking

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IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Hawkeye tailgates are legendary.

"Pretty much everyone on campus shows up to one of the tailgates that's going on," said Tom Cassier, a student. "Whenever you go to a tailgate, no one's going to yell at you or anything. You're just going to go there and have a good time."

The University of Iowa knows whether its students or fans, many people tailgating are drinking. Still, student drinking rates on campus are down significantly.

"5, 6 years ago I was frankly embarrassed by rates of binge drinking that exceeded the national average," said Sally Mason, University of Iowa President. "Our rates have now come down to look much more like the national average and we hope to continue working on this and drop them even further."

According to The National College Health Assessment, a spring survey found only 25% of the student population has drank ten or more days in a month, versus 36% five years ago and when students drink, they're drinking less.

There's educational programming for *all new students on campus, whether they're first years or transfers and students tell us they really are learning about binge drinking.

"It's relatable to you and you know 'oh this is what would happen if I participate in that stuff' but I think it's a good idea," said Taryen Lannutti, Transfer Student.

Officers say the fight on campus to end drinking, and the Athletics Department Think Before You Drink campaign mean fewer problems around Kinnick on gamedays.

"We hope everybody has a safe, enjoyable season and comes back to Iowa City often," said Captain Loren Noska, University of Iowa Police.
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