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Police Chief resigns, accused of unethical spending

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In the wake of allegations that he was misusing city money, Dunkerton Chief of Police Tim Schultz has resigned.

Mayor Edward Jessen announced the resignation at a special city council session Tuesday night. The council planned to discuss an agenda item referring to “Police Chief investigation.”

At a previous city council meeting, Schultz was accused of using a city credit card to purchase gas for personal vehicles. Since then, he has been on paid administrative leave.

With the resignation, Jessen called the matter resolved. He refused to answer questions about the investigation.

He said the city will no longer be involved with the issue, and that it has been handed over the the Iowa State Auditor's Office. This left some outside the meeting frustrated.

“I want to believe the council and the mayor will do the right thing, and that the investigation isn't over,” said Dunkerton resident Dale Steffen.

Another man stormed out when the resignation was announced.

Schultz' family declined to comment on the situation. A woman outside his home told KWWL's Michael Crowe, “It's all confidentiality, in 90 days, it will come out.”

Still, some residents are upset, because questions remain. It's unclear at this point how much city money is believed to be involved, and if the city will seek restitution.

Schultz has not been charged with a crime. Still, some at the meeting were happy with his departure.

“I guess I'm relieved in a way that he resigned,” Steffen said. “In my mind, it tells me he was guilty of something. At least he won't be stealing from people anymore.”

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