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Local race car drivers in line with new NASCAR rule

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Nearly one week since a fatal incident on a race track in New York involving driver Tony Stewart, NASCAR has issued a new rule in which drivers are not allowed to approach the track or moving vehicles after accidents.

That rule has unofficially already been put in place at local tracks in Iowa.

Drivers we talked with at the Fayette County Speedway in West Union say they're all for the new rule because it's a safety precaution.

It comes after the death of Kevin Ward, Junior in a race after he got out of his car and was hit by a car driven by Stewart.

The Fayette County Speedway runs races every week, with drivers coming from all over the Midwest.

Track officials say they haven't had any drivers get out of their cars on the track this year.

They say it's an issue that's on the top of everyone's minds after last weekend's incident.

They say NASCAR's new rule has been met with approval.

"It's very tragic what happened last week and we can't have that happen here so if we can try to keep all the drivers inside their race cars at all times, that's something we want to do and that's something we told the drivers tonight and we'll go forward with that," said track announcer Kyle Bentley.

"There's already a rule that's implied that says you can't do it but I definitely think an eye-opening experience like this will definitely bring more awareness to the rule and I think drivers will follow it a lot closer now," said driver Jake Doubek.

There are no specific punishments for anyone who breaks the rule, either in W. Union or at a NASCAR track.

And many drivers admit, it can be difficult to follow when emotions are high right after a crash.

But they say last week's incident has changed the sport and has brought the issue to the top of everyone's minds in a community as tight-knit as the racing community is.

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