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Family issues statement after late toddler falls from window

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - More than a month after his death, a Cedar Falls family is speaking out about saying goodbye to their three-year-old son, Carter McOmber.

Police believe Carter died after accidentally falling 20 feet from his bedroom window in Cedar Falls on July 5th.

Friends have organized a fundraiser to help offset funeral expenses for the McOmber family.

In a statement, the family said the following:

"It is difficult to describe our son, a little boy that brightened our world. Though Carter was only on this Earth for 3, going on 4, years, he has changed our lives forever. Carter was born smiling and bright eyed. On the day of his birth, the doctor was in awe when Carter looked up directly at him with his eyes wide open. He said he'd never seen that in all the years he checked on newborns. From that day, those bright eyes and a big smile were always present. Carter was our only son. He was the middle child with two sisters -- one older, one younger. He was always the protector of these girls. He would put his arm around his sisters and this always made them smile. Carter told them he would keep bad guys away from them and would always keep them safe. When in public, our family would be stopped constantly by strangers. These individuals would stop us just to say that Carter's smile brightened their day. Some would say he was the most beautiful little boy they'd ever seen. Carter grew used to this and was always very friendly. If you approached him, he would say, "Hello, I'm Carter and I am three." He was never afraid of people and this was a very special gift that he had. He knew just how to make others feel special and this is why people were drawn to him. Carter had a way with animals as well. He was never fearful of them and they were kind to him. When he was in your presence, you just felt better. He had a special spark and was so very full of life.

"Carter was a very active little boy. He spent time preparing for preschool and snuggling with his mother, playing with his sisters and learning from his dad. He and his father spent a great deal of time together. They loved to fish, golf, disc golf and do anything that kept them active and outdoors. Carter had his own toolset and knew how to use all of the tools. He was very proud of this and built things with the help of his dad.

"Carter's accident has changed this family forever. As a family that takes safety very seriously, it is shocking to realize that this could happen to us. We have always been very safety conscious and our friends and family often teased us about how protective we are. Our reply was always that our family is so important to us we will do everything to make sure our little ones are safe. It is impossible to imagine a life without this special, shining little star. He is missing out on school and so many opportunities that life has to offer. His family misses him with every breath. While Carter was only here on this Earth for 3 years, he has taught us so very many things. He taught us how to be kind to others. He taught us that everyone is special and you should always make them feel this way. He taught us how to love unconditionally. He also taught us to cherish every moment because you never know the value in life until it is taken from you. We made sure to make every day with Carter special. We are so very happy we did this as we have an endless supply of happy memories with this little boy.

"We are also very thankful for our friends, family and community support. This tragedy has shocked us to the core and without this support system, we wouldn't be able to struggle through this difficult time. It is amazing to see how many people are supportive of us and willing to help in any way possible. The fundraiser alone demonstrates the caring and generous heart that so many people have.

"When you are outside and you look into the night sky, please find the brightest star and say hello. We are certain that is Carter saying hello right back."

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