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Dog bite injures woman outside strip club

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A dog bite sent a woman to the hospital Tuesday evening in Waterloo.

It happened around 7:30 p.m. outside Risque Gentlemen's Club, when a dog owned by Jake Peterson jumped out of the window of a car, and started fighting another dog, walked by a Waterloo woman. She was injured trying to break up the fight, and needed 16 stitches in her hand, according to her husband, Ben.

Peterson, a bouncer at Risque, was inside the club at the time.

"Reaching your hand into the middle of a dog fight is not a good idea," he said. "I speak from experience, you will get bit."

Kevin Knutson saw the dogs fighting down the block, and intervened with his cane.

"I had blood up and down my arm," he said.

He was not injured, so the blood came either from the woman or dogs.

Peterson said his dog had bitten him before, but only when he was trying to separate it from another dog. He said his dog, Ember, would never hurt a person on purpose.

Both dogs were injured, but will survive. Peterson was fined $280, and will have to quarantine his dog for 10 days will rabies tests are completed. The animal will also be classified as 'Potentially Dangerous' under a city ordinance.

The injured woman's family said they plan to pursue compensation, citing the high cost of a emergency room visit.

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